Information Systems Department

Department Brief

The department of Information Systems is interested in teaching the basics of information systems, analysis, design and applications, both current and advanced, and the section is also concerned with teaching office automation and database systems of various types, data mining and knowledge discovery, and management of information centers. The department of Information Systems is the link between the disciplines of computer science and the various fields of work, which helps students gain knowledge and skills, to analyze and design information systems in any of the governmental or private business organizations and institutions..

Department Staff

Dr.Ahmed Sharfelden Professor
Dr.Hawaf Abdelhakim Professor
Dr. osama emam professor
Dr. Maha Attia professor
Dr. Mahmoud Abd Ellatif professor
Dr. Sayed Abdelgaber professor
Dr. Ayman Khedr professor
Dr. Doaa Saad Associate Professor
Dr. Amany Abdou Assistant Professor
Dr. Mona Nasr Assistant Professor
Dr. Ahmed Bahaa elden Assistant Professor
Dr. Manal abdel-kader Assistant Professor
Dr. Marwa Salah Associate Professor
Dr. Sherief Kholief Associate Professor
Dr. Mahmoud Moustafa Lecturer
Dr. Laila abdellatif Lecturer
Dr. Hanan Fahmy Lecturer
Dr. Nermin Abdel-hakim Lecturer
Dr. Laila Abdel-hamid Lecturer
Dr Ahmed EL sayed Lecturer
Dr Mai Eldafrawy Lecturer

Study Programs

The Department of Information Systems at the College of Computing and Artificial Intelligence offers three study programs for the undergraduate stage as follows: Information Systems Program, Software Engineering Program, and Medical Informatics Program

Department News