Information Systems Program

Program Description

The program of Information Systems is interested in teaching the basics of information systems, analysis, design and applications, both current and advanced, and the section is also concerned with teaching office automation and database systems of various types, data mining and knowledge discovery, and management of information centers. The program of Information Systems is the link between the disciplines of computer science and the various fields of work, which helps students gain knowledge and skills, to analyze and design information systems in any of the governmental or private business organizations and institutions.

  1. programme Title: Information Systems
  2.  Programme Type: Single
  3.  Department(s):Information Systems
  4.  Coordinator: Assoc.Prof.  Mona Nasr

Program Teaching Assistance

Sherief MosaadSenior
Safaa AzzamSenior
Marwa Ahmed MoustafaSenior
Enas Mohamed Senior
Saad MawadJunior
Helal Ahmed SolimanSenior
Marwa Mohamed Senior
Haitham Alijunior
Hend Sayedjunior
Mohamed Ahmed Nosierjunior
Samar Samirjunior
Amr Essamjunior
Mohamed reda Elbanaajunior
Yara Abd ELsatarjunior
Yara Abdulqawijunior
Sama ahmedjunior
Aya Elrahmanjunior
Ramdan Nasrjunior
Marwa Mohamed Senior

Mandatory Courses

TitleCodeCredit hours
Internet Applications IS 3453
Database Systems – 2 IS 3123
Data Storage And Retrieval IS 3133
Analysis and Design of Information Systems –1 IS 3513
Analysis and Design of Information Systems-2IS 3523
Information Systems Security IS 4143
Decision Support SystemsIS 4513
Management Information Systems IS 3333
project IS 4986

Elective Courses

TitleCodeCredit Hours
Data Mining IS 4213
Object Oriented Database IS 4153
Information Systems Development Methodologies IS 4533
Artificial Intelligence CS 3613
Intelligent Information Systems IS 4413
E-Commerce IS 4423
Quality Assurance of Information Systems and Programming IS 4343
Software Engineering – 2 CS 3523
Information Centers Management IS 4353
Accounting Information SystemsIS 3343
Data Warehousing IS 4223
Distributed Database IS 4163
Geographical Information SystemsIS 4433
Multimedia Information SystemsIS 4443
Information and Computer Networks Security IT 4233
Selected Topics in Information Systems -1IS 3953
Selected Topics in Information Systems -2IS 3963
Selected Topics in Information Systems -3IS 4953
Selected Topics in Information Systems -4IS 4963