Information Technology Program

Program Description

The program of Information Technology is concerned with teaching the basics of information technology, pattern recognition, letters and software, digital signal processing, computer vision, multimedia, information engineering and information networks as well as computer drawing systems, image processing and microprocessors

  1. programme Title: Information Technology
  2.  Programme Type: Single
  3.  Department(s):Information Technology
  4.  Coordinator: Assoc.Prof.  Rowida Sadek

Program Teaching Assistance

Name Position
Beshoy badi Assistant lecturer
Islam Zakria Assistant lecturer
Samar Fathy Assistant lecturer
Aseel Ramdan Assistant lecturer
Aya Abdallahinstructor
Yehia Abou Elkhairinstructor
Samar Saiedinstructor
Alaa Abd Elazizinstructor
Omnia Ahmed instructor
Ibrahim mohseninstructor
Hayam Mahfouzinstructor
Yasmin Abass Assistant lecturer

Mandatory Courses

TitleCodeCredit hours
Computer Architecture IT 3113
Communication Technology IT 3213
Computers Network –2 IT 3223
Computer Graphics – 1IT 3313
Digital Signal Processing IT 3413
Pattern Recognition IT 3423
Multimedia IT 4333
Image Processing – 1 IT 4413
ProjectIT 4986

Elective Courses

Distributed and Parallel computer systems IT 4113
Real Time Systems IT 4123
Internet Applications IS 3453
Virtual Reality IT 4313
Computer Graphics – 2 IT 3323
Embedded Systems IT 4143
Computer Vision IT 4443
Artificial Intelligence CS 3613
Database Systems – 2 IS 3123
Software Engineering – 2 CS 3523
Speech Processing IT 4433
Microprocessors IT 3123
Computer Interfaces IT 3133
Wireless and Mobile Networks IT 4223
Information and Computer Networks Security IT 4233
Image Processing – 2 IT 4423
Robotics IT 4153
Selected Topics in Information Technology- 1IT 3953
Selected Topics in Information Technology- 2IT 3963
Selected Topics in Information Technology-3 IT 4953
Selected Topics in Information Technology-4 IT 4963