Computer Science Program

Program Description

The program of computer science is concerned with teaching the basics of computer science, and what this requires from a study of logical design and computer mathematics. The program is also concerned with teaching software of its various types, whether it is system software or application software, as well as artificial intelligence .

  1. programme Title: Computer science
  2.  Programme Type: Single
  3.  Department(s):Computer science
  4.  Coordinator: Assoc.Prof.  Hala Abd Elgalil

Program Teaching Assistance

Salwa Osama Assistant lecturer
Islam Gamal Assistant lecturer
Mohsen Hassan Assistant lecturer
Mona Ragab Assistant lecturer
Ahmed Mohamadeen Assistant lecturer
Rana Salahinstructor
Ahmed Hesham Assistant lecturer
Hadeer Sami Assistant lecturer
Ahmed Nady Assistant lecturer
Ahmed Mahmoud Elbadawy Assistant lecturer
Tamer Abdelaziz Assistant lecturer
Doaa Abdallah Assistant lecturer
Wael Eid Assistant lecturer
Eman Ismail Assistant lecturer
Ahmed Sewarinstructor
Abdallah Essaminstructor
Ahmed Adelinstructor
Yehia Salahinstructor
Ahmed Moustafa Mahamedinstructor
Abd elrahman Mahmoud Yousef Tahainstructor
Mohamed Kamalinstructor
Ahmed Ashrafinstructor
Moustafa Waheedinstructor

Mandatory courses

TitleCodeCredit hours
Concepts of Programming Languages CS 3173
Computer Organization CS 3223
Computer Graphics – 1 IT 3313
Operating Systems – 2 CS 3423
Software Engineering – 2 CS 3523
Multimedia IT 4333
Artificial Intelligence CS 3613
CompilersCS 4193
ProjectCS 4986

Elective Courses

TitleCodeCredit hours
Advanced Computer Organization CS 4233
Computer Interfaces IT 3133
Computers Networks – 2 IT 3223
Pattern recognition IT 3423
Internet Applications IS 3453
Natural Languages Processing CS 4623
Parallel ProcessingCS 4713
Assembly Language CS 3183
Computer Vision IT 4443
Image Processing – 1 IT 4413
Database Systems – 2IS 3123
Selected Topics in Computer Science- 1CS 3953
Selected Topics in Computer Science- 2CS 3963
Selected Topics in Computer Science- 3CS 4953
Selected Topics in Computer Science- 4CS 4963
MicroprocessorIT 3123