About Us

Brief History

On the 7th of January 1995, the Supreme Council of Universities approved the establishment of the Faculty of Computers and Information and adopted its bylaws after the Council of Helwan University approved its establishment on the 18th of July 1994.

Degree No. 419 of 1995 was issued by the President of the Republic Arab of Egypt to establish the faculty to actively contribute to the service of the new society. We provide a wide range of opportunities in the field of computer and information to contribute to the state of the art technology that enables our country to enter the era of information and knowledge.

Dean’s Message

On behalf of the faculty family, I am pleased to welcome new students who have been fortunate enough to join the Faculty of Computers and Information in the software engineering program.

As the college is one of the new colleges at the level of the Egyptian universities that keep pace with the age of information technology, I am confident that the college students will find everything they wish to build the information mentality that keep pace with modern technology.

As the software engineering program of the new distinctive programs, the Faculty of Computer and Information Helwan University is the only college in Egypt, which has this program, which is characterized as a program known worldwide and is a scientific addition to the students of the College.

Our students will also enjoy the utmost care in all the cultural, social and sports activities in addition to the University’s student services such as university housing, restaurants, playgrounds and more.

Prof. Osama Emam

Dean of the Faculty

Our Vision

The Faculty of Computers and Information at Helwan University seeks to excel in scientific, practical and research in the field of computers and information locally and regionally.

Our Mission

The faculty is working on preparing a distinguished graduate capable of competing in the local and regional labor market in the fields of computers and information, while contributing to serving the local community and enriching scientific research.

Points of Excellence

  1. The Faculty of Computers and Information plays a major role in the information technology sector and software development industry not only in Egypt but also worldwide.
  2. We qualify our students to be best prepared for a career amidst the ever-changing landscape of Information Systems. In few years, we could be research leaders in computer science, information systems and software engineering.
  3. We focus on delivering impact in three key areas of Data and Knowledge, Platforms and Systems, and People and Organizations. Our programmes are unique supported by continuously upgraded infrastructure.
  4. Most of our faculty staff are granted opportunities to get part of their study abroad. Upon their return, they enrich the cultural and academic diversity of our campus with their ethnic experiences and knowhow which contribute to our competitive edge.

Organizational Structure

Former Deans