Announcement: Introducing “Careem Ambassadors” and “NextGen” Programs

Announcement: Introducing “Careem Ambassadors” and “NextGen” Programs

A session will be held to introduce the “Careem Ambassadors” and “NextGen” programs on our faculty, a collaboration between our faculty and Careem company.

The “Careem Ambassador” program targets elite engineering students, aiming to disseminate knowledge about Careem’s engineering practices and the latest industry technologies and tools.

The “NextGen” program is dedicated to onboarding fresh graduates in emerging markets, offering them the chance to thrive and develop within a global organization.

This initiative seeks to foster partnerships with student ambassadors, serving as intermediaries between students and Careem’s NextGen program. They’ll share insights and experiences from Careem Engineering and receive priority consideration in our hiring process. All levels of students are welcomed to attend.


The session will be held at Hall 1 at the faculty on Wed. 24 Apr. 2024 at 2:00 pm.

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