Software Engineering Program

Program Description

The software engineering program is interested in studying all aspects of high-quality software production, taking into account user requirements. This includes various stages of software development which include problem analysis, and then design, writing the program until it has been tried, tested, installed on hardware, and carried out its maintenance process.


The software engineering program prepares a distinguished graduate who is able to compete in the labor market with his capabilities and high skills in the fields of software engineering and information technology


  1.  Design of an academic program in a new discipline that will be presented for the first time in Egyptian universities and the labor market needs it strongly.
  2. Develop this program on a continuous basis and in cooperation with other stakeholders
  3. Develop the skills of students enrolled in this program
  4. Cooperation with distinguished universities abroad to enrich and develop the program
  5. Use of computer technology in the management of the program
  6. Using the system of credit hours in the program and other modern systems
  1. programme Title: Software Engineering
  2.  Programme Type: Single
  3.  Department(s): Information Systems
  4.  Coordinator: Dr.  Ahmed Elsayed

Program Teaching Assistance

Moataz Abdelfattahinstructor
Sara Naiem Assistant lecturer
Moustafa Adel Assistant lecturer
Abdallah Sayed Assistant lecturer
Wael Mohamed Assistant lecturer
Hadeer Ismaielinstructor
Aya Heshaminstructor
Aya Radwaninstructor
Khlood instructor
Hossam Hassaninstructor

Major Sheet

TitleCourse CodeCredit Hours
English 1HU1112
English 11HU 1122
Human RightsHU 3132
Fundamentals of EconomicsHU1213
Professional EthicsHU3343
Fundamentals of AccountingHU3233
Communication & NegotiationHU3313
Creative ThinkingHU3323
Math 1MA1113
Discrete MathematicsMA1123
Math 2MA 1133
probability and statistics 1ST 1213
Electronics 1IT 1113
introduction to informaticsIS 1103
Programming Language 1CS 1123
Introduction to computers CS 1113
Logic Design CS 2213
fundamentals of Management HU 1223
Data Structures CS 2143
Data communication CS 2213
Operating Systems CS 2413
Programming Language 2CS 2133
Computer networks 1IT 2223
Algorithms CS 3163
SimulationsIS 2413
probability and statistics 2ST 1223
Artificial intelligenceCS 3613
computers GraphicsIT 3313
Data Storage and Retrieval IS 3133
Data MiningIS 4213
Data warehouseIS 4223
Operations research IS 2403
Software Engineering 1IS 3513
Software Engineering 2IS 3523
Database Systems 1IS 2113
Internet Technology IT 2233
Management Information SystemsIS 3333
Software Project Management IS 3213
Database Systems 2IS 3123
Internet ApplicationsIS 3453
Information systems development methodologiesIS 4533
Quality assurance of software and information systemsIS 4343
selected Topics In Software engineeringCS 3963
projectCS 4983
information engineeringIS 4543
Decision Support Systems IS 4513
Information System Security IS 4143
object oriented DatabaseIS 4153
E-commerce IS 4423
information center management IS 4353
Software Documenting IS 4603
Business Function ClassificationIS 3323