Medical Informatics Program

Program Description

The program of medical informatics  specialized in designing and developing information technology and its applications in a practical way within medical institutions. This software helps to provide doctors and surgeons with accurate quantitative and visual data on the patient’s health condition, which in turn contributes to more accurately diagnosing various diseases.more


Medical informatics program aims to prepare scientifically and professionaly excellent graduates, capable of developing digital medical softwares and new technologies, following up with the latest improvments, community service and competing in the local and global job market.

Program objects

  1. Open a new field or a serious opportunity for high school students in the scientific sciences division to invest their knowledge from the scientific science department and use the language and tools of the digital age to achieve their scientific ambitions.
  2. Expanding the use of digital information systems to increase the capabilities of various applied fields.
  3. Adhering to the quality of the program and the automated systems in raising the performance of the educational process and good management of the program with the design, development and continuous review every 3 years of the contents of the program enables him to develop human cadres to keep up with the movement of science and technology.
  4. Admission of students from expatriates.
  5. Preparing professional cadres with training and cadres for scientific research at home and abroad to obtain master’s and doctoral degrees in specialization.
  6. Communicate continuously with other stakeholders to understand and activate their requirements.
  7. Establishment of educational laboratories in software and digital techniques for medical informatics.
  8. Cooperation with distinguished universities abroad to enrich and develop the program
  1. programme Title: Medical Informatics
  2.  Programme Type: Single
  3.  Department(s): Information Systems
  4.  Coordinator: Assoc.Prof.  Manal Abd elkader

Medical UM University Compulsory

TitleCodeCredit Hours
EnglishHU 1112
English II for Medical TerminologyHU1222
Human RightsHU3132
Technical report writingHU3142

Medical UE University Electives

TitleCodeCredit Hours
Fundamentals of EconomicsHU1213
Fundamentals of AccountingHU3233
Communication & NegotiationHU3313
Creative ThinkingHU3323
Professional EthicsHU3343

medical FE Faculty Electives

TitleCodeCredit Hours
Data Structures and AlgorithmsCS3163
Computer simulationIS2413
Evidence-based medicineIS3133
Large scale data handling in biologyIS4223
Medical and dental transcriptionMI4143
Statistics for health, life, and socialST1123
Machine learningCS3173

Medical FM Faculty Compulsory

TitleCodeCredit hours
Introduction to soft ComputingCS1113
Programming Language ICS1123
Programming Language IICS2133
Operating SystemsCS2413
Artificial IntelligenceCS3613
Quality ManagementHU1123
Biological Signal AnalysisIS1103
Introduction to Biosensors IIT2113
Digital Signal processingIT3413
Mathematics for computers scienceMA1013
Medical BiochemistryMI1123
Medical pharmacologyMI2113
Fundamentals of GeneticsMI3123
Essential for statisticsST1213

medical SM Specialization Compulsory:

TitleCodeCredit Hours
Databases for Healthcare systemIS2113
Software Engineering IIS3513
Biosensors and Their ApplicationsIS4343
Visual Event ComputingIT4443
Fundamentals of Human PhysiologyMI1113
Fundamentals of Histology-AnatomyMI1133
Fundamental of PathologyMI2143
Molecular biologyMI3113
Internal medicineMI4113

Medical SE Specialization Electives

TitleCodeCredit Hours
Change ManagementIS3323
Software Engineering IIIS3523
Digital medical MeasurementsIT2413
Introduction to Biosensors IIIT4153
Microbiology and ImmunologyMI2133
Microbiology and ImmunologyMI2133
Public health informaticsMI3133
Obstetrics and GynecologyMI4133
Translational bioinformaticsMI4153
Network embedded systemsIT4223
Basic skills for clinical analystsMI4233
Information security in health careIT4243
Real time software and systemsIS4253

medical informatics program enables graduates to work in many medical institutions:

  1. Hospitals.
  2. Health care systems.
  3. Governmental organizations.
  4. Public health organizations.
  5. Medical software companies.
  6. Research tests.
  7. Health insurance companies.
  8. Information companies..

The job title for the medical informatics program :

  1. Health database software developer.
  2. Medical data systems analyzer.
  3. Clinical Information Systems Coordinator.
  4. Clinical information systems designer.
  5. Researcher in medical informatics.
  6. Graduates of the program can work in the traditional functions of :
    • Software developer.
    • Systems analyst and designer.
    • Database Administrator.
    • Network Engineer.