An initiative to train fourth-year college students for free in the field of Cyber Security

Cyber Security Training

An initiative to train fourth-year college students for free in the field of Cyber Security

A great opportunity granted by the Information Technology Institute (ITI), in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, to bachelor’s students in the fourth year of the College of Computers and Information:

  1. A free training course in the field of Cyber Security for one year./li>
  2. Study online/li>
  3. You obtain an accredited international certificate in Cyber Security from the EC Council.


The initiative is divided into three stages:

  1. The first stage: 10 courses are studied online for 67 hours, self-study on the Maharatech website.. and a badge is obtained upon completion of studying all the courses. This is during the first semester of the academic year 2023-2024. This stage is for all students who wish to join it.
  2. Whoever obtains the badge moves to the second stage, which is a week during the mid-year vacation. The study takes place in one of the ITI branches as a practical stage, at the end of which the students are evaluated through the various projects and filtered among them.
  3. Based on these qualifications, students who will be enrolled in the third and final stage are selected. It is giving them a code for courses on the CE Council, the price of which amounts to more than $500, to study them online. There will be a dedicated mentor for each group once a week for inquiries, and the students will take the exam in those subjects and when they pass those courses, they will be able to obtain the accredited international certificate… and that is during the second term of the year. University 2023-2024.. In exchange for passing these courses, it will be among the year’s work, especially for a subject that will be opened in the second term.


To find out some information about the initiative, please go to


For further clarification and how to participate in this initiative, the responsible ITI work team will conduct an introductory seminar about this initiative online on Wednesday, October 18, 10AM on Zoom Link: Join Zoom Meeting


Courses that will be studied during the first stage (10 courses in 67 hours):

  1. Computer Network Fundamentals
  2. Introduction to Network Security
  3. Ethical hacking (CEH)
  4. Python Programming Basics
  5. Implementation Of Computer Network Fundamentals
  6. Red Hat System Administration I
  7. Cloud and Virtualization Concepts
  8. Network Virtualization Concepts
  9. Data Communication and Networking
  10. Cybersecurity Introduction by Kaspersky



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