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pre-registeration for all students

number 1\January
In order to avoid the problems that occur in the beginning of each semester , especially the problem of the table, the door was
opened for registration in principle on site college for the second semester year 2013/2014 , and the initial registration would reduce the problems of the table , as the author of the table will build a table , according to the initial registration , it then opens a specified number of lectures or Alskashen according to the recording density on each item , to the student then register the actual lecture / Skhn to a specific article within a given time and in a particular place with a particular teacher .
Knowing that the actual time of registration will be a priority for the student who made the initial register for the student who does not have .. To sum up the initial registration is not mandatory but it is important if we want to study the regularity of the first week .
To initial recognition : Log on your college website , then click on My account from the top and then click on Pre-registration, each student has the right to request to open six decisions at the most , and the student has the freedom to choose any decision ( taking into account the conditions of registration in each course , which will be applied to the actual time of registration ) .
The system will by suggesting some of the courses are recorded , these recommendations were not mandatory but is only indicative .
After the completion of the selection of courses Click on submit and that's all
Of course you can modify the courses if you want as long as you during the initial enrollment period
In case of any problem please send an e-mail as follows : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with male summary of the complaint and your student number .
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