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Welcome To The Club !


What's the Tech-Club exactly ?!

We are here acting as a partner to Microsoft through something called "Microsoft Student Partner"(MSP) program . This program aims mainly at delivering the latest, brightest and coolest Microsoft technologies to the students worldwide, so we as MSPs we make sure that you get your share of this great opportunity by delivering you original Microsoft software and organizing events, sessions, workshops, competitions and a lot more to make sure that you are updated by the latest Microsoft technology and that you are able to use it and unleash your talents through it. So to sum it up the Tech-Club is a technology club formed by some MSPs in campus with the help of some other Microsoft Student Partner Representatives (MSPRs) to make sure that you get all the benefits mentioned above!


So How will you benefit from us ?

  • Make sure you get your "Dreamspark" account:
    "Dreamspark" is a Microsoft portal that grants students like yourself original Microsoft software completely free, like Microsoft Windows, Visual Studio, Expression Studio and a lot more.
    Take a look at the Dreamspark Portal

  • Events & sessions:
    We make sure that you get grasp of the latest technology that is featured by Microsoft, we do this by organizing events and sessions held by MSPs and MSPRs that would take you through these latest technology and how to use it and how to be more innovative and creative with it.

  • Workshops & Contests:
    Practice and applying is a whole different thing than just getting info, so to help you master a certain technology we invite you to join our workshops that will help you apply and make use of the newest technology through hands on lab sessions. You can even take part in our contests and win some great stuff from exclusive software to even real phone devices !!


  • Imagine Cup Competition:
    Imagine Cup is the biggest student technical competition worldwide delivered by Microsoft, all what you have to do is to come up with a creative useful idea and make it come to life using any of Microsoft technology. If you are good enough you can even have the chance to proceed to the final round and travel abroad and even win the Grand Prize ! If you are in and you want to participate and compete we can provide you with lots of help and guide you along the way !
    Imagine Cup pay it a visit


Want to reach us and get in contact ?

You can find us walking around any where in campus just search for any of us MSPs or MSPRs.Here is a list of FCIH MSPs
If you want to reach us online then here is the place:

Facebook:Click Here
Outlook: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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