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About SWE Department

A- Coordinator : Prof, Dr. Turkey Sultan

B- Professional Information


1- Programme aims

·      Enable graduates to exhibit a high level of practical and theoretical skills over a broad range of Information Technology together with knowledge of currently available techniques and technologies.

·      Explore the principles that support developments in a rapidly changing environment.

·      Provide opportunities for students to understand the wide range of research challenges facing Information Technology, as well as the breadth and depth of research undertaken in this top-rated school, so they are prepared to get on research here or elsewhere.

·      Develop competent professionals able to play a leading part in many different commercial, industrial and academic activities and adapt rapidly to changing technology.

·      Meet industry demand for high caliber graduates who will take a lead in continuing technological change.

·      Prepare students for the social, organizational and professional context in which they will be working.


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