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About IS department

A- Programme Coordinator: Prof.Dr. Ahmed SharafEldin


B- Professional Information


1- Programme Aims

  • To equip all undergraduates with required core and practical computing skills qualifying them to fulfil the local market needs in the IS sector.
  • To provide students with appropriate knowledge and skills base to pursue a career managing and developing information systems in a contemporary business context.
  • Gain an understanding of the operational, strategic and practical issues in information systems currently relevant to small, medium and large enterprises
  • To develop the students’ key transferable, in addition to, the technical skills.
  • To be aware of the management and ethical issues relating to information systems
  • To develop the necessary study skills and knowledge to pursue further study
  • To promote and conduct research in the areas of IS.
  • To provide the community with professional expertise in IS via co-operation between the Faculty (and its staff) and other external organisations in the society.


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