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2004 Achievments


BEST PAPER, Best Paper Award in the 9th IEEE Symposium on Computers & Communications (ISCC), 2004Alexandria, Egypt

Title: Modeling and Analysis of a Multi-Level Caching in Distributed Database Systems

Authors: Doaa Saad El-Zanfaly, Prof. Ahmed Sharaf El-Din Ahmed, and Prof. R. Ammar (Computer Science and Engineering Dept., University of Connecticut, Ct, USA)


Caching frequently asked queries is an effective way to improve the performance of both centralized and distributed database systems. Intensive works have been done in this area to propose different query caching techniques and to evaluate their performance. However, most of these works were confined to caching previous query results in a single-level caching architecture. Evaluations of these works were based on simulations. In [1], we proposed a new query caching technique for caching both query results and execution plans in a multi-level caching architecture. The centralized version of this technique was evaluated and the results were reported in [2]. In this paper, we present an analytical model to evaluate the performance of the proposed technique in distributed database systems.


(Figure Above) Dr. Doaa Saad Hassan El-Zanfaly, a lecturer at the Information Systems Dept., the Faculty of Computers & Information – Helwan University.

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