Cabinet Information Center launches a mobile application to provide updated data and information (IDSC)

Cabinet Information Center launches a mobile application to provide updated data and information (IDSC)

In the context of the Egyptian government’s endeavor to enhance the dissemination and availability of information to increase societal awareness, achieve the principle of transparency and consolidate concepts of governance, as well as the efforts made towards technological growth through the formulation of digital transformation policies in a way that contributes to supporting decision-making in the right manner, the Information and Decision Support Center of the Council The Ministers have implemented an application on mobile phones under the name (IDSC), and the application is an important platform for communication with the public, through which the Information and Decision Support Center provides updated data and information from its various sources to shed light on the performance of the different sectors. The contents of the application amount to nearly 2000 values ​​and elements. A statement of local and international indicators, as well as the prices of commodities locally and globally, the most prominent indicators of stock exchanges, financial markets and exchange rates of various currencies.

The application also deals with the most prominent market trends by monitoring the prices of more than 75 commodities locally and globally, reviewing the international prices of the most important commodities such as oil, natural gas, minerals, agricultural crops and many other commodities that are monitored based on more than 40 periodically updated statement elements, and the application did not neglect to monitor the most important prices Local Commodities: It provides local prices for more than 30 commodities that are monitored and updated daily, including vegetables, fruits, meat, building materials and fertilizers.

The application provides the most important indicators of the movement of local and international stock exchanges, which are monitored through more than 20 statements, as well as foreign exchange rates, in addition to national social and economic data with more than 100 statement elements that deal with several topics, most notably: the state’s general budget, inflation, and investment. The application also reviews the development of local indicators for a period of more than 10 years, and the application includes more than 1,000 values ​​for various elements of local data. The application reviews Egypt’s position in international indicators to cover, in its current version, more than 50 international indicators, including more than 500 sub-indicators, which are updated from international sources as soon as they are issued.

The application provides continuous follow-up to the most important opinion articles and international reports from various newspapers, foreign news agencies and global websites, including analyzes of the most important experts and specialists in various fields. Egyptian public opinion, by monitoring the most important topics covered by Egyptian talk shows and local newspapers, where the average number of local and international articles and news published weekly is more than 400 articles and local and international news.

The new application also provides the most important publications of the Information and Decision Support Center from its diverse intellectual production, whether with regard to multimedia such as infographics, videographs, podcasts or research publications that provide analysis of various topics, in addition to book presentations, development concepts, and international experiences, as the application includes Currently, there are over a thousand versions.

The launch of the new application comes as a culmination of the center’s efforts to keep pace with technological development and improve services provided to beneficiaries using technology and data development, taking into account the daily development of life in its various fields, which contributes to the advancement of societies and a better life for citizens.

The application can be downloaded on mobile phones via “google play store” for Android users and also “app store” for iPhone users

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